Host a 1940’s Swing Dance!

Swing dancing, reenacting, wwii reenacting

This is one of our favorite living history activities – a 1940’s era swing dance and tribute to WWII vets!

Now, there’s so much information to share, and as this is an activity that we plan to take nation-wide, we have built a whole website dedicated to organizing killer 1940’s parties.  After you’re done here you might want to skip over there and check it out at:




One thing we want to make everyone aware of right off the bat, is that there are those WWII vets who get offended at folks wearing the actual old uniforms without ever having served.  We suggest only wearing the old uniforms if a member of your family served, and at that, only wear the uniform to and from the event.

…And for goodness sake… behave as becomes a WWII vet while you’ve got it on!

swing dance, wwii reenacting, reenacting




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LPH Exclusive: Get a copy of a genuine c. 1946 how-to book for 1940’s hairstyles!  Learn where and how to place pin curls, then how to style the curls once set.  Other sites charge $15+ for similar information, but you can get this great primary source doc right here (in the LPH Store), unedited, for just $1.99

Free Swing Dance Lessons Online: We’ve found the best beginning swing dance series available on YouTube, and we’ve put them together IN ORDER for ease of use.  This has been compiled in a simple, free download available on our Dance page at

Free MP3 Swing Era Downloads to Dance By: Need some music to go with those dance lessons?  Downloading our free MP3 list will save you hours of hunting, pecking, and sampling.  All of our selections are great for the dance moves you will be learning with the free online video series.  Get your MP3 download list on our Dance page at

LPH Event and party planning checklists: Free checklists to help you plan great events! (Opens to our Planning Tools page where you can download the documents.)

LPH Book: (Coming soon)  Period games, trivia, décor Ideas and more for 1940’s party planning.  Stay tuned!